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Nom Goût Amertume Soif Tx Alcool Fermentation Remarque
2  0.5  5.2 basse Lager blonde
2  6.5 haute Bière blonde
1.5  0.5  9 haute Bière ambrée
3  0.5  6.5 haute Strong pale ale
4 bières notées... /5 /2 /2 en %  

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Dear Sir, dear Madam,

I am sending you this message for the following thing : I am teacher in a school situated in Brussels, our capital. I am teaching children with familial problems or having problems and difficulties at school. "Little bastards" to be rude. They all have a learning problem, hate school and nothing is interesting them except the bell announcing the end of the day. A French or a geography course doesn't interest them. They look through the windows, drop balls of papers or draw on their desk. Luckily for me, phones are not allowed in the classroom. This is my daily routine. That's why I have to imagine a different course to catch their attention because then, if they are interested, they participate.
I am mainly teaching geography. Last year, I organised my course like a "guess where ?" game with a map of Belgium on which I put little flags. Each flag is a city, a touristic curiosity and, what was interesting them the most, breweries. Last year, I made it for Belgium. They were interested and participating. On the flag, I put a beer label and they had to guess where it was, the cities around, the rivers, etc..... I then talk a bit about the brewery with the infos I collected on internet and then questions. If they can answer, they receive a sticker, a cap and a beer coaster as a reward.. This is apparently a success because they never have anything special at home and they are proud to go back with something. Sometimes they come back the next day with a letter from the parents telling me how proud they were the kid was interested in something.
That's why I need your help. Without materials coming from the breweries, I am not able to prepare my courses. In general, the answers I received were positive and I am now doing France. But I want to teach them about other countries and that's why I need your help for beer labels, stickers, coasters, caps and all the materials you could send me.
For you, it just represent a stamp. For me it is a great help. I suppose you understand what it is to teach to very difficult young persons who are more interested in sleeping and stealing than coming to school.
Please, let me construct my courses and my map and send me some materials. Please, please.
Here is my address :
Nicole Schmit
Rue des Mainagiers 26
7822 Isières

email : mickaroulettes@gmail.com

20/9/2018 à 12h21

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